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About Us

Who We Are

Clarion Water is a water and wastewater treatment specialist. Headquartered in Shanghai Clarion Water is an independently owned water treatment company. Our reach extends across China, providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions.


Water is one of the planet’s most precious resources and this essential commodity needs to be safe, clean and protected. Clarion Water believes the appropriate treatment of water and the implementation of process efficiency can help to address the water scarcity issues the world faces.


By adopting our unique Water Administration approach – encompassing influent and effluent process requirements – we accurately diagnose the water and wastewater operating issues our clients face and deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. We are proud to be a forward-thinking and solutions-focused company, which works hand-in-hand and transparently with our customers under our ‘open-book’ philosophy.

Under our solutions-focused ethos, we are dedicated to developing new innovative products and services, in laboratories and in conjunction with outside parties. Indeed, our past Research and Development experience based in academia and industry lends towards our innovative and creative solutions-based approach.

What We Do

Clarion Water’s key service areas include monitoring and management services, wastewater treatment, boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment. Our Research Division is dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly services and technologies. All of our services are fully supported with engineering and equipment solutions.

We approach the area of water and wastewater management in a similar manner to that which a food company might approach food safety regulations or a pharmaceutical company approaches regulations. We listen to our clients’ requirements and respond by designing operational programs to optimize system performance in the areas of reliability, economic operation, compliance to legislation and where possible, throughput, volume reduction, recovery/recycle, whilst at all times considering cost. This is often behind the scenes, but plays a critical role in ensuring that we provide each of our customers with the most efficient and professional service possible.

Furthermore, given the nature of the chemical supply operation of our business, we approach this with great care. We achieve excellence through stringent quality and environmental management systems and health and safety processes.

This is the foundation of our unique Water Administration approach. Our ability to provide this high level of service on a consistent basis is the cornerstone on which our success to date has been built.

How We Do It

With our highly experienced and skilled team of service engineers and chemists, superior technical understanding and quality products – including our award-winning technologies Clarion Water Technologies is committed to innovation and company growth.

Clarion Water Technologies’ water treatment chemical applications are fully supported by our regional technical teams who are able to provide ongoing advice, information and guidance as part of our professional service commitment.

As a company, Clarion Water Technologies holds a number of professional and trade memberships, while many of our devoted workforce are committed to furthering their own knowledge, skills and expertise and hold individual accreditations and memberships to recognized trade bodies and organizations.


Our Advantages, Your Solutions

Clarion Water Technologies projects and technology leadership and performance excellence in desalination, water reuse, wastewater treatment, and zero liquid discharge help solve the world’s water scarcity challenges. No other company offers turnkey EPC/design-build capabilities that provide design and engineering, modular field-proven products, project management, installation and start-up.

In addition, Clarion Water Technologies offers water management support ranging from spare parts supply and equipment leasing to maintenance, troubleshooting, and plant upgrades. Whether help is needed with daily plant operation, staffing, documentation or training, our customized build, own and operate programs combine with operation and management services to solve problems for individual customers.


Clarion Water Technologies’ core values are:



Water Administration Philosophy

The co-owners established Clarion Water Technologies’ Water Administration Philosophy. This concept encompasses influent and effluent requirements, meaning that Clarion Water Technologies is able to accurately diagnose water and wastewater operating issues to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. Today, Clarion Water Technologies remains one of only a handful of water treatment providers with the total capability to specialize in influent and effluent water treatment.


The Future

Clarion Water Technologies will remain solutions-focused, with the customer at the heart of all of our operations. This ethos will enable us to reach our ambition of continuing to enjoy company growth, emergence within new markets, and subsequent expansion of our excellent team.

We will strive to bring our new innovations to the market and improve the way the water industry works, and hope to become the first-choice water treatment specialist and further afield with our Water Administration philosophy. We strongly believe the future of our business is bright and we look forward to building on our success to date, thanks to our exceptional team and high standards of quality and service.