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Wastewater Treatment Services

Wastewater, or effluent treatment is an intrinsic part of the Water Administration philosophy.

A consent to discharge is generally required if trade effluent is to be introduced directly into surface waters, such as rivers, streams or the sea. Similarly, effluent discharged directly to sewer must be kept within set parameters making it amenable for treatment at a local sewage treatment works. Failure to keep within set limits may result in financial penalties, plant closure and pollution of the receiving water body.

Clarion Water Technologies offers a solution based approach to treating effluent prior to discharge; from process design, plant and chemical programs, to sludge management and water reuse.


Chemical Evaluation

Clarion Water Technologies can assist in chemical evaluations prior to plant installation through test work and subsequent laboratory analysis. This can help clients choose the correct chemical program for optimal full-scale performance.

Incorrect dosing (over and under dosing) can adversely affect plant performance and therefore running costs. An evaluation of existing programs can help improve plant efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Process Optimization

If an effluent treatment plant is not running optimally, performance may be compromised leading to breaches in discharge consent. This may also have an impact on energy and operating costs.

Through a site survey Clarion Water Technologies can assess the current plant setup, incorporating chemical evaluation, flow and load and waste water characterization (through on-site analysis and laboratory investigations). Each step is worked through with the client to ensure complete understanding of the process allowing both parties to work together in implementing the required alterations.



Wastewater troubleshooting begins with information gathering and therefore relies on close client liaisons. Through site surveys, test work and client input Clarion Water Technologies strives to quickly identify and solve the relevant issues using the most appropriate solutions

Technical Servicing

Regular site visits, client contact and in-depth process knowledge allows Clarion Water Technologies to provide a comprehensive technical service. From dosing pump maintenance and equipment servicing, to regular water chemistry analysis and ongoing consultation advice, we can provide a tailored service program to suit client needs.

Clarion Water Technologies’ strong client relations are founded on providing a high level of technical service, consultation advice and trust.


Project Management

From leading and organizing projects both large and small, to becoming an integral part of a client’s management team, Clarion Water Technologies can help at each stage of the process from concept to delivery. We have experience in projects relating to effluent treatment plant, water reuse, odor control, sludge management and many more.


Outsourcing Solutions

Clarion Water Technologies offer outsourcing solutions for all effluent related projects from equipment, maintenance and laboratory services to chemicals and plant.



The associated cost of using water in industrial processes has led to the reuse of treated effluent. Benefits include energy and cost reductions.

Clarion Water Technologies can help provide the best available solutions to achieve reuse and minimize operating cost.



In waste water treatment, disinfection is mainly achieved by either physical or chemical means. An example of a physical method for disinfection is UV, which disrupts microbial DNA (DNA and RNA in viruses) and therefore replication. Chemical methods include Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Ozone (O3) etc and are perhaps more widely used in industrial effluent processes.

Clarion Water Technologies can assist in providing the most appropriate and effective means of disinfection for the particular process. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the correct disinfection program is essential.


Energy Reduction

With energy costs affecting all industrial processes, effluent treatment should not be overlooked when considering energy management and minimization strategies. An inefficient effluent treatment plant can add to avoidable energy costs.

Confronting the energy expenditure associated with effluent treatment helps control running costs as well as reducing clients’ carbon footprints. Through site surveys and recommendations, Clarion Water Technologies can help streamline effluent energy consumption


Cost Minimization

Cost control can be approached in many different ways, from outsourcing project work, optimizing plant performance through correct plant choice, to correct chemical programs and expert advice.

By working together with the client Clarion Water Technologies can assist in keeping effluent treatment costs under control.


Laboratory Services

Clarion Water Technologies can offer a range of onsite laboratory services. Chemical programs can be evaluated and tested at source for their effectiveness allowing the correct products and dose rates to be determined before full scale trial, for example. A wide range of water chemistry analysis can also be carried out on site.

Clarion Water Technologies also offer more comprehensive laboratory services including microbiological investigations, microscopy, metal analysis (ICP) and spectrophotometry. All laboratory results are presented and interpreted allowing the client to use the information to improve their process.

Clarion Water Technologies work with the client every step of the way, from solution conception to implementation.



Odor Abatement

Odor formation is predominantly produced as a result of anaerobic activity and the subsequent degradation of organic matter. Reduced Sulphur compounds form the majority of odorants associated with bad smells, such as hydrogen supplied (H2S). Sludge treatment and lagoons, for example, can produce malodors.

Odors can be addressed in either the liquid or gaseous phase. The former tackles the odorants before they have the chance to move to the gaseous phase and become a nuisance (preventative) and the latter removes the odorants once in the gaseous phase.




Sludge dewatering reduces the moisture content of sludge with the aim of minimizing disposal and transport costs. Value added by-products may also be a viable economic realization for previously worthless waste biosolids.

Clarion Water Technologies can advise on the most appropriate solution regarding sludge management, from sludge dewatering test work ensuring the most appropriate technology to assistance with potential value-added by-product programs.