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About Us

Who We Are

Clarion Water Technologies is a privately held water treatment company with its corporate headquarters in Shanghai. Our reach in China is extensive, and we offer a full array of customized water management solutions. Since its inception, Clarion Water Technologies has responded to escalating environmental issues by providing vital services that safeguard and enhance the quality of life. With the help of its end users, the company's customers are able to drive their ecological transition and create value over the whole lifecycle of their assets and services.


One of the most valuable resources on the earth is water, which must be kept safe, pure, and protected at all times. Water scarcity challenges around the world can be resolved through proper water treatment and the application of process efficiency.


We accurately assess the water and wastewater operating challenges that our clients experience and provide the most suitable and cost-effective solutions by utilizing our exclusive Water Administration Approach, which includes influent and effluent process requirements.

We take great pride in being a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented business that collaborates openly and transparently with its clients. We are committed to creating new, cutting-edge products and solutions in laboratories and in collaboration with other parties, in line with our solutions-focused culture. In fact, the prior research and development work we have conducted in academia and industry has contributed to our unique and creative approach to problem-solving.

What We Do

Clarion Water Technologies provides monitoring and management services, wastewater treatment, boiler water, and cooling water treatment as its main service offerings. Our Research Division is dedicated to providing solutions and technologies that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, our specialized business is bolstered by engineering and equipment systems.

We create operational plans to improve system performance in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness, compliance with regulations, and, when possible, throughput, reduction in volume, recovery/recycling, always keeping cost in mind. Even though this often occurs behind the scenes, it is essential to ensure our clients receive the most efficient and skilled service available.

Furthermore, we take great care in the way we handle our activities considering the nature of our company's chemical supply operation. We achieve excellence by implementing strict quality, environmental, and health and safety management systems. This serves as the cornerstone of our special approach to water administration. The foundation of our success has been based on our capacity to deliver a high level of service consistently.

How We Do It

Clarion Water Technologies is dedicated to innovation and business expansion with our highly qualified and experienced staff of service engineers and chemists, outstanding domain expertise, and high-quality products, including our award-winning technologies.

Our regional technical teams are able to offer perpetual advice, information, and guidance as part of our professional service approach, and they are fully supportive of Clarion Water Technologies' water treatment chemical applications.

While many of our devoted employees are committed to advancing their knowledge, skills, and experience and hold individual accreditations and memberships to reputable trade bodies and organizations, Clarion Water Technologies as a corporation owns a significant number of professional and trade memberships.


Benefits and Solutions

The initiatives, technological leadership, and performance excellence of Clarion Water Technologies in desalination, water reuse, wastewater treatment, and zero liquid discharge assist in addressing the global difficulties associated with water scarcity.

Our business has complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) design-build capabilities that include engineering, project management, modular items with proven field performance, installation, and start-up. In addition, Clarion Water Technologies assists with water management, including leasing equipment and spare parts as well as maintenance, diagnostics, and plant upgrades.

When support is needed with daily plant operation, staffing, documentation, or training, our customized programs combine with operation and management services to solve problems for specific customers.


Clarion Water Technologies’ Values



Water Administration Principles

The Water Administration Principles of Clarion Water Technologies were created by the co-owners. These principles incorporate influent and effluent standards, thus Clarion Water Technologies is able to precisely identify issues with water and wastewater operations and provide the best and most affordable solutions. The capacity to specialize in influent and effluent water treatment makes Clarion Water Technologies one of the pioneers in the water treatment industry.


Future Perspectives

Clarion Water Technologies will continue to put the customer at the center of all of our activities and stay solutions-focused. This philosophy will help us achieve our goal of continuing to experience company growth, expansion into new markets, and subsequent growth of our outstanding staff.

With our Water Administration philosophy, we aim to become the preferred water treatment expert both locally and internationally. We will work hard to market our new inventions, enhance the operation of the water sector, and bring them to market. Due to our great team and high standards for quality and service, we have a positive outlook for the future of our company and look forward to building on our current success.