Clarion Water Technologies

Who We Are

Clarion Water is a water and wastewater treatment specialist. Headquartered in Shanghai Clarion Water is an independently owned water treatment company. Our reach extends across China, providing a comprehensive package of bespoke water management solutions.

By adopting our unique Water Administration approach – encompassing influent and effluent process requirements – we accurately diagnose the water and wastewater operating issues our clients face and deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Water Administration Philosophy

Our Advantages, Your Solutions

The Future

What We Do

Clarion Water’s key service areas include monitoring and management services, wastewater treatment, boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment. Our Research Division is dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly services and technologies. All of our services are fully supported with engineering and equipment solutions.

We approach the area of water and wastewater management in a similar manner to that which a food company might approach food safety regulations or a pharmaceutical company approaches regulations.

The Plant

The project will contribute to mitigation of water pollution of Heihe River, which will be accomplished through expanded wastewater management services under integrated concessions in the selected western province. By supporting a new form of PPP, environment management, and inclusive growth, the project addresses strategic priorities like managing climate change and the environment, supporting inclusive economic growth. In particular, the project aligns with this strategy’s sector focus on environmental protection, and complements initiatives in the management of water-based natural resources, including flood management, wetland conservation, water resources development, and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.